Proposed activities within this project are organized in five Work Packages (WP):

WP1 investigates different management practices at diverse agricultural systems to enhance nutrient circularity, production efficiency, and reduce C footprint; 

WP2 aims to identify the potential improvement of C footprint by increasing the inclusion of by-products in ruminants feeding programs; 

WP3 evaluates the management of carbon circularity and climate change mitigation and adaptation in mixed crop-ruminant livestock systems through system approach assessment and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (i.e. design of digital twins of farms based on combining sensor data and modeling that can help the decision-making process of stakeholders on the production chain of different mixed production systems). Also, this WP includes agent-based modeling to understand the decision-making process and other emergent properties of mixed crop-livestock production systems; 

WP4 involves actions to promote an engagement with the local stakeholders, training, communication, and dissemination; and 

WP5 includes activities related to the project coordination.

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Science behind Integrated Crop-Ruminant Livestock Systems Promote Sustainability